dustin-pianoIntroducing his solo project DUSTIN JONES bringing new music to the world that sonically integrates a hundred years of experience, with the kind of life only lived by the fearless.

Powerful music that asks and answers questions we all have about life, aging, love and the consequences of living life on the edge.

As the president and in house engineer/producer for Tidal Records based in Sault Ste. Marie Ontario Canada, Dustin Jones, has lived his life by making things happen.

He approaches his new music, the same way he approaches his life, with a hardworking blue collar aesthetic that prevents him from waiting on anyone. He gets what he wants, because he goes after what he needs.

Growing up in a small town, the only way to get the life you want, is by making it happen yourself.

Dustin has built Mission Control Studios, Northern Ontario’s premier recording studio. Helping shape records for many amazing songwriters, as well as providing a home for other songwriters he believes in on his label Tidal Records.

Combining the passion he brings to his role with Tidal Records and Mission Control Studio with his experience as a front man and songwriter for bands like the Inner City Surfers, and The Rising Tide, and SIDEBLINDER complex musical layers and energy.

Dustin Jones has toured North America extensively and gotten to intimately know every dirt road, every sweaty club and every back door from end to end, cultivating personal friendships, and earning a reputation for playing as hard as he works, while building a network of incredible songwriters along the way.

Dustin’s solo project represents the fruits of many years on the road, and behind the console of his record company.