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chuckChuck was born in Kitchener Ontario Canada to his parents, a Navy Show Band Guitar Player and School Teacher. His Dad got him started on Guitar at 5 years old. “I can still remember staring up at all the guitars on stands in the store…” Chuck recalls from his first shopping trip to buy a guitar.

Many lessons and family moves later Chuck found himself at Kettleby Public school, a suburb of Toronto Canada, where he started the Salads with a few school mates. Many school years and band houses later the salads recorded their first album which to their surprise became a bonified hit across Canada and sent Chuck and his childhood pals on multiple warped tours, tours with Fishbone, Simple Plan, Blink 182… The list is long. It was during this time that Chuck also began playing Bass in the bands Billy Talent, Scratching Post and Not By Choice to name just a few.

The Salads released a few more albums, which toured Chuck extensively throughout Canada, The USA, and Australia. This is also where Chuck met his new Sideblinder band mates Darrin Pfieffer and Dustin Jones.

Darrin replaced the Salads original drummer for their fourth studio album and Dustin took the vocal seat for an extended warped tour in 2007. Chuck and the boys in Sideblinder became very good friends. It’s only natural to have a band together at this point.

For the past five years Chuck has become the touring bass player for multi-platinum Canadian 90’s alternative rock band I Mother Earth. The band recently reunited with their original singer Edwin and have been selling out shows across Canada in record time. 2 shows at the Phoenix nightclub in Toronto were recently sold out in under 30 seconds! Chuck is also an Ernie Ball Musicman endorsee, Alperious Pick Guards endorsee, and plays Traynor Amplifiers exclusively for Yorkville Canada.

When he’s not out slaying clubs and arenas with his friends you can find Chuck Longboarding with his Dog lakeside in the Toronto suburb of Willow Beach where he enjoys a cottage like lifestyle with his small family.