University of Bristol student camp to stay until institution ‘ends ties with Israel’

Students who set up camp at Bristol University in protest of the war in Gaza say they will remain there until “the university ends its complicity” with Israel. The students, who are camping at Royal Fort Lodge, said they have already been asked to leave by university security but have yet to receive any official notification.

The students, who were inspired by protest camps at US universities, including Columbia University, arrived in the early hours of Wednesday, May 1. Over the next two weeks, the protest camp grew from four to twenty-four tents.

As with previous student occupations of the Vice-Chancellor’s office and the Victoria Rooms, students are calling for the University of Bristol to cut ties with defense companies. In addition, the camp also wants the institution to cut ties with Israeli universities.

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The Bristol camp attracted the support of the wider Bristol Palestine solidarity movement. On Friday (10 May) there was a large rally outside the camp.

Those living in the camp have the option of extracurricular learning, with lecturers visiting the camp to deliver sessions. They have a daily program of workshops which have included sessions on the history of Israel and Palestine and a detailed look at the defense companies that have partnerships with the university.

Large protest camps in the US have attracted international attention, and in the UK, university students have set up camps on more than 15 campuses, including Oxford, Cambridge, Edinburgh, Leeds, Manchester and Newcastle.

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